My session with Simone’s Guides was incredible and powerful. I had tears in my eyes by the end of the session. I had written down a list of questions to ask. Simone’s Guides knew that I was beginning with superficial questions and called me out on it. They proceeded to ask me questions about the very issue that is bothering me the most, a question I had not written down but that has indeed been at the core of my discontent. Their advice was very helpful and filled with analogies that made it easier for me to understand. I left the call feeling touched, inspired, and filled with gratitude. Simone has an incredible gift, and I would love to have more sessions with her and her Guides in the future.

Hilary C.

Denver, CO

My session with Simone has really touched my soul, and has set me on a path to be a better, more compassionate person.  I immediately felt safe to be open and honest with her, and through the guidance, we quickly got to the heart of what has been holding me back for some time.  I would recommend, and have recommended, a session with Simone to anyone because, through the teary-eyed hour, I felt the healing energy she provides with her gift.  Not only was there self-discovery involved, but suggestions of real actions I could take to continue my spiritual healing and growth.  I thank her from the bottom of my heart!


Jesse M

Boston, MA

I have had two sessions with Simone and her Spirit Guides and both of them have been phenomenal. I am a changed person! I feel more confident, alive and connected. I am more my true self. Simone's Spirit Guides' advice is loving, caring, comforting and uplifting. Their words, kindness and energy have helped me immensely.


After my first session, my relationship with my mother improved tremendously. It has been a number of months now and our relationship has been going from strength to strength. I feel that the love and guidance which I received has helped me to accept and love my mother for who she is and to also forgive her and move on.

The Spirit Guides' warm and loving energy made me feel at ease and comfortable immediately. Simone is beautiful, kind, loving, warm and fun. I love connecting with Simone, she is a truly beautiful soul. I have much love and appreciation for Simone and her Spirit Guides and I will be eternally grateful! Thank you so much.

Shani D.

London, England

Unlike some psychic readings Ive had in the past, Simone provided me with a more interactive dialogue on her reading. The reading was emotional, but in a beautiful way. Many lower residing emotions came to the surface, but it was necessary in order to overcome them. Since the reading I've had much more excitement for the next upcoming chapters in my life. The homework I was given makes me feel like a kid in a candy shop, loading my pockets with treats to enjoy in life. Its evident she does truly care for her clients and wants the best for them in life.

Catie G.

Denver, CO

This was such a unique experience!  I have never worked with anyone with Simone's specific gifts before and wasn't sure how this would work out initially.  The connection with her spirits was very powerful and the insights and tools given were extreamly helpful!  I left the session feeling like my concerns were truly addressed, but more so, an understanding of self from a deeper perspective!  Such an amazing experience with a Spirit guided life coach, I plan on working with her again.

Kaylynn B.

Denver, CO

I met Simone, over the phone, in October 2017, during my time of change and personal growth. I am a long-time student of Law of Attraction, Abraham Hicks, and all manner of outside-the-box thinking, so I looked forward to working with Simone. I have availed myself of a variety of readers, and healers, and channelers, and intuits over time and I experienced Simone as pleasant, bright, accessible and authentic. She was thorough in her observations and generous with her time.


No topic was off-limits. Simone's Spirit Guides offered up wisdom as it occurred to them and they also welcomed questions from me. When I asked Simone, ahead of time, for permission to record our convo (with the use of two phones on my end), she agreed. And so, I have listened to our meeting over and again and glean a bit more each time. I am honored and happy to endorse, support, and recommend Simone's important work and look forward to a repeat performance.  Namaste, all blessings, and best wishes!

Joanie V.

San Luis, CA

I found the Spirit Guide life coaching session so helpful. It was a reminder that my soul has been asking for changes, for different choices, and I have been distracted and avoiding those things that feel most exciting to me.  So the session brought them around front and center, clarified and validated a new direction that I've been telling to take a back seat for far too long.  Now I am letting my imagination run wild! 


Simone has a strong use of metaphors to help bring home her points, the kind that stick with you later.  I found her gentle questioning helpful vs. intrusive or judgmental, and there were many synchronistic things she hit on without knowing them beforehand.  I have had many experiences with spiritual guidance, Simone is definitely tuned in to a higher perspective with integrity!

Deborah H.

Denver, CO

I found my spirit guide life coaching session with Simone to be useful as it gave me clarity in determining how to use my gifts to help others in my private practice so I can live authentically. Namaste

Amy R.

Denver, CO

I had a very helpful and uplifting session with Simone and her Guides this morning. Light and meaning were shone upon my life issues. I feel lighter now that I have a blueprint of sorts to use in going forward. Thank-you and Bless you, Simone!


Suzanne A.

Denver, CO

Simone’s gift lies in her ability to speak from her heart in a loving authentic way.  In my session, in a very short period of time, I felt safe to be vulnerable and open with her.  It felt as if we were on a journey together to help me clear away the debris and see myself with more clarity and love.   She uses non-judgmental questioning mixed with intuition to help you see the core of yourself and to be able to communicate more honestly from that place.  I have had psychic sessions before but I think I much prefer this, as I become an active participant in my own transformative healing. 

Rosie Y.

Boston, MA

My session with Simone was personally enlightening. I have read through my notes several times now, remembering the wonderful guidance I received. I felt relief and lightness afterwards. I went to a Meetup two hours later and I was joyful, even giddy, loving to everyone there, not my serious self. 


The information was very pertinent and thought provoking. Some deep questions I was asked had me rethinking some heavy things I have carried with me since childhood. I know that releasing those burdens and the judgments I’ve had of myself will make my life much easier, joyful, and successful. Thank you So much!

Sharon S.

Boston, MA

I had my session with Simone and it was amazing. Truly an enlightening experience in which I discovered some of the things in my life that are blocking me and the negative thoughts I have associated with them. Her Spirit Guides helped me delve into what is keeping me from succeeding and growing in this life. I highly recommend having a session with her. She truly has a gift and her Guides were spot on with what I needed to focus on in order to grow and blossom into my best self.

Michele M.

Denver, CO

My session with Simone provided a shift in my life. The wisdom that came through her helped me gain clarity on places I am stuck and given me concrete guidance for how to move forward. There were many instances where the guidance I received was spoken in some of the same words and intentions I have focused on for years, so I knew she was tuning into guidance that was aligned with me and my highest good. Simone definitely has a gift which I was honored to be a recipient of. 


Thank you, Simone!

Shannon M.

Denver, CO

My session with Simone was truly amazing! Simone's Spirit Guides pinpointed the roadblocks I put on myself that have kept me in a holding pattern. Her Spirit Guides gave me such enlightenment and empowerment to start fresh with intention and purpose. I highly recommend a session, as it was just what I needed to take the first step away from uncertainty. Simone is wonderful!

Octavia M.

Denver, CO

What a pleasure it was speaking with Simone as she brought forth such clear and relevant wisdom specifically for me. She took her time with me and made sure that what was being said through her was understood. Everything she said to me resonated with my experience and she helped me work through some challenging mental conditioning. I will definitely consult with her again.


Denver, CO

I really enjoyed my session with Simone and her Spirit Guides. I received lots of valuable insight and guidance and it was all delivered in a fun and gentle manner. Thank you Simone and thank you Spirit Guides!

Indika D.

London, England

Oftentimes, I am so overwhelmed with all the different "voices" in my head - what I want, what I think I want, what my family needs, what society expects, etc. - that it's hard to figure out exactly what authentically aligns with my truth. My session was incredibly helpful in confirming the path I am on and in bringing clarity to how to best develop the gifts I hope to share with the world.

Winna M.

Denver, CO

I had never experienced a session with channeling before so did not know what to expect. Simone was flexible with scheduling and very generous with her time which I appreciated so much. The conversation went in directions I had not expected and gave me a lot to ponder.


We know we all have free will to choose paths in life, but sometimes they aren’t obvious to us and we need something to clear the way so they are visible. Also a mirror to reflect our own choices back to us, to help us see how the choices we make are keeping us where we are in our journey and perhaps holding us back, both emotionally and physically.


I would recommend anyone at a crossroad in their life or seeking change but need help finding their direction to consult Simone and see if the Spirits can help guide you on your path. 

Stephanie M.

Boston, MA

During my session with Simone, she validated what I was feeling around a family situation with my partner and his boys while providing clarity on what I could do to improve my relationships with them. I left our session feeling inspired to take action, and we ended up having a great weekend together. The insights she shared have had a long-lasting impression and continue to serve me to this day. This is so valuable!

I’m deeply grateful to Simone for sharing her gift with me and helping me out. And she can help you too.

Sarah S.

Denver, CO

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