Services Offered

  • Free Consultations
  • Channeled Readings
  • Reframing Sessions
  • Passion Project Sessions

About Channeled Readings

Simone connects with her Spirit Guides to give you a channeled reading. The session is a co-creative process where you will be asked questions but Simone will also bring through information she would have no way of knowing in order to give you insight, clarity and direction. 

About Reframing Sessions

We have a choice about how we choose to perceive situations and therefore how we choose to tell our stories. These Reframing sessions assist you in breaking free from the limited Small Self views you hold so that you can change how you tell your story to a way that empowers you and serves your highest good.

About Passion Project Sessions

Do you have an idea or a direction you are excited about pursuing but fear and doubt are getting in your way? Are you lacking support for the vision of your dream? If so, then schedule a Passion Project session! During your session, Simone offers a safe space for you explore and generate ideas to stoke the fire of your passion. 

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