Session Excerpts

Your Hourglass Life

This is your life. When you were born, you flipped the hourglass and now the grains of sand are falling through. It is your time. It is your clock. It is your seconds, your minutes, your hours, your days, your years that are falling through the hourglass. If you pay attention to everyone else's hourglass, meaning their life, when you finally look back at your hourglass you will be amazed at how many grains of sand have fallen through without you even being aware of it. You will be amazed at how much time, how much of your life has passed by because you remained interested in the hourglass-lives of others. This is your timer. Focus on your hourglass.

Light Your Path

We would think of yourself as having on a hat, one of those hard hats that has a lamp light on the front of it and you are on a path. Now if you keep staring, keep your head straight ahead, you are lighting your path. As soon as you turn your head to the left to take inventory of this person that has undermined you, you have taken the light off of your path. Keep the light on your path. It is like runners who are slowed down by looking back to see who is behind them. Good runners keep running, head straight. They do not look behind. Keep your head straight. You are a good runner. You have a lot there within you. 

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